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List of Vendors



List Of Vendors!

Get your fresh fruits and vegetables weekly right in your own back yard!

Red Apple will be attending all market weeks!

Curious as to how you would go about growing mushrooms? Learn and start some yourself! OR get delicious serving for yourself!

Birch Island Farm produces high - quality eggs and meat by raising animals on fresh pasture, supplemented with organic feed. Offering beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, and egg!

Handmade unpasteurized and naturally fermented Sauerkraut with sea salt, available in 9 different flavours!

A fun bowl of hard serve Ice Cream, crubled cookies, a candy buffet selection on top covered in your choice of sauce...YUM!

Creating custom designs for your home - woodworking and wood signs!

A local apiary and Meadery of Clearwater County, AB. Producing honey and mead, Tamarack Jack's provides communities with products straight from the source!

A taste of home! Providing Ukrainian style homemade perogies and cabbage rolls. Sweet tooth? Indulge in the Ukranian and European style cookies, buns, cupcakes, nalysnyke, and perijky.

Gail's Worry Free Baking has packaged baking mixes that use gluten free, organic goods. All mixes are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, and are made with coconut sugar.

Super Dips are ready to eat and pre-packaged dips using gluten free and MSG free ingredients as well as no salt and no sugar.

100% self taught baker, Jeff, has a passion for French pastry. Everything is made 100% from scratch from the dough up!

A family owned business running a greenhouse, growing a large assortment of culinary herbs, heirloom tomatoes, perennials, annuals when in season, and a market garden. All goods are grown chemical free! 

Sharpening knives, scissors, lawn mower blades, gardening tools and reel mowers while attendees visit the market. Rod has been sharpening knives for over 40 years, and has been a part of the Farmers' Market scene for the last 5.