The Orchards

Maintenance Responsibilities

The Orchards Residents Association (ORA) provides enhanced landscape maintenance in many areas within the community.

This includes:

  • The Entry Feature
  • Orchards Club House and its amenities

View the map below to see the areas the Residents Association is responsible for maintaining within the community.

Maintenance Mapclientuploads/images/pdficon_small.gif

2018-2019 Snow Removal Map clientuploads/images/pdficon_small.gif

The next map shows what areas the City of Edmonton is responsible for and the areas that Brookfield Residential is responsible for as of July 2018. 

Landscaping Map 2018

 For questions or concerns regarding any landscape maintenance on the above please contact the Residents Association:

A reminder to all residents to keep your lawn in good condition! We hope to see the area flourish to where we all take pride in our growing community together!